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Why join TAM?

The Tucson Association of Museums is comprised of a network of professionals dedicated to the promotion of museums and other educational and cultural institutions in southern Arizona. Members meet monthly to collaborate on business solutions, develop programs to engage the public, and organize opportunities for the continuing education of our members, including seminars, retreats and workshops.

Where does my membership donation go?

Your membership donations will:

  Support TAM’s operational costs

  Fund scholarship opportunities for TAM members

  Help to cover the cost of marketing and outreach

Is my membership donation tax deductible?

Yes! The Tucson Association of Museums is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization. The cost of membership is tax deductible as designated by the Internal Revenue Service. Our IRS Employment Identification Number is 95-4349252.

Which membership level is right for me?

The Tucson Association of Museums has two membership levels: Institutional Membership, and Individual or Student Membership. Whether you are an employee at a large museum, a student interested in a museum career, or imply someone who wishes to support the educational and cultural organizations of Tucson and the surrounding communities, TAM has a membership level that is right for you. All members are welcome at monthly meetings to engage with our ever-growing network.

Institution Membership

 Institution Membership is open to non profit museums and other cultural and educational institutions in Tucson, Arizona and the southern region of the state. An institution may be defined as not only traditional collecting institutions such as museums, aquariums and botanical gardens, but also organizations that educate and inform but do not own objects, such as planetariums and science societies.

Cost: $50

Institution Membership Benefits:

  Access to TAM-sponsored professional development programs

  Listing in the TAM brochure

  Listing on the TAM website

  The opportunity to post upcoming events on the TAM online calendar

  The opportunity to post photos and links to the institution’s online programming

  One designated representative from the institution may vote on TAM agenda items

This membership level is designed to promote an organization in its entirety; all employees of the institution are encouraged to attend monthly meetings and are eligible to participate in TAM professional development programming.

Institution Membership Application

Individual & Student Membership

 This level is designed for individuals who wish to have voting privileges on TAM agenda items. Individual members may or may not be affiliated with a larger institution. Emerging museum professionals and those who are interested in pursuing a career in the museum industry are encouraged to become a member at this level.

Cost: $25

Individual & Student Member Benefits:

  Listing on the TAM website

  The opportunity to post upcoming events on the TAM online calendar

  The ability to vote on TAM agenda items

  Access to TAM-sponsored professional development programs

Individual Membership Application


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