TAM Votes to Dissolve Organization as 501(c)(3)

The Tucson Association of Museums held an emergency meeting on March 15, 2019 to vote on the potential dissolution of TAM. The Board and attendees voted unanimously to dissolve TAM as a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. The minutes from this meeting can be viewed here:

TAM is currently in the process of dissolving. The below information will continue to be updated as needed.

What you need to know:

*Remaining TAM brochures. All remaining back stock of brochures will be inventoried. Unclaimed brochures will be given to the Tucson Visitor’s Bureau to distribute.

*The TAM Website and domain name. This website will remain accessible until 11/8/2021. The website will continue to list all information promoting Tucson museums which is current as of 2018. The events calendar will be removed at the end of March 2019. When the web hosting period expires, it will not be renewed, and the website link will no longer be functional.

*TAM PO Box. The PO Box will remain functional until it expires on April 30, 2019. The post office will return any future correspondence to the sender.

*G-mail account (tucsontam@gmail.com) The g-mail account will remain periodically monitored for all of 2019. The account will have an auto-response set up to inform senders of the dissolvement of TAM. Login information for the g-mail account will be given to all admins of the TAM Facebook group, should they wish to send correspondence to any interested parties outside of the Facebook platform. The TAM Facebook group will continue to operate uninterrupted.

*Remaining Monetary Funds. In accordance with state law, all remaining monetary funds must be donated to a non profit organization doing similar work. TAM’s remaining monetary funds will be donated to the Museum Association of Arizona (MAA) with the agreement that the funds are to be targeted towards assisting museums in Tucson and the surrounding area, including but not limited to: professional development scholarships, travel reimbursement to and from Tucson, guest speakers and workshops in the Tucson area.